We empower innovators by giving them access to capital to grow their business

adjust  OUR FOCUS
Businesses needs a new way to fund their growth. At betterbanc we have a different outlook, our innovative funding solution enables businesses to increase their revenue growth, customer acquisition activities and their cashflow position by providing them with growth capital. We don’t see ourselves as a venture capital firm, but an alternative to serve founders that are looking to scale or who already scaled. We call it a new hybrid model for business growth.
gps_not_fixed  OUR VISION
Our vision is that anything that is repeatable in a business that’s being funded with equity can be funded with an alternative cheaper solution like our growth capital.
emoji_events  OUR MISSION
Our mission is to give founders the easiest and most affordable growth capital as they continue to grow their business.

Get financing to achieve your goals.

Increase your ad spend and inventory with fast and affordable growth capital. Our flexible and scalable business funding for ad spend and inventory can fuel your revenue growth.

Grow your monthly sales

With betterbanc you can reach more customers and grow your monthly sales with our fast and affordable growth capital.


Our funding options are founder friendly and flexible with multiple payment options to suite your business.

Increase your brand presence online

Increase your brand presence online and reach more customers by fuelling your marketing budget with our growth capital.

Successfully launch new products & services

With our growth capital you can get quick and affordable access to capital to reach your goals and successfully launch new products and services.

Increase your marketing & inventory budget

Increase your inventory and ad spend with our fast and affordable growth capital.

Reach your goals

We are a company founded by entrepreneurs and were are building founders friendly growth capital solutions to help entrepreneurs grow and help them reach their goals.